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Ireland '10

RoDaBo strike back!

Dublin - Zürich
[20th June 2010-2:25pm]

Hill of Tara - the «Rütli» of Ireland
[19th June 2010-12:39pm]

Almost doesn't count!
[18th June 2010-10:32am]

Grianán of Aileach
[17th June 2010-11:36am]

Old Bushmills Distillery
[16th June 2010-11:05am]

Giant's Causeway
[15th June 2010-11:55am]
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picture picture picture picture
Today, another highlight is applied: The Causeway Coast. The camera accumulators are loaded, the memory cards are emty. To the visit of 40'000 basaltpillar of the Giant's Causeway (Clochán an Aifir) (N 55.25, W 6.485) is nothing to stand in the way. After 280 clicks, 600 metres of film and a sunburn later it's going on to...
[15th June 2010-3:52pm]
picture picture picture picture
Sometime to be like Indiana Jones, and if it is only for 18 m on the bridge to the island Carrick-a-rede (N 55.24, W 6.331). The bridge allowed the salmon fishermen the access to the fishing grounds. Unfortunately, the hut of the fishermen is burnt down two years ago.
Dunluce Castle
[15th June 2010-6:17pm]
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picture picture picture picture
The romantic ruins of the Dunluce Castle (N 55.21, W 6.581), in the 14-th century build on a rock spur, establish the consistent exclusion of a wonderful, sunny day.
picture Carnlaugh - Bushmills
From Carnlaugh on the A2 along the shore to Ballycastle. Further on the A2 & B147 to the Giant's Causeway Visitor Center. Back on the B147, A2 & B15 to Carrick-a-rede. On the B15 & A2 back to Dunluce Castle. And on the A2 back again to Bushmills.
picture Lismar B&B
Bushmills, no 500 metres away from the distillery, is ours today's B&B. 90 £, 152 CHF for everybody - after new conversion. Room with own shower and toilet. Everything anew and in the IKEA look. Hugh & Margaret Graham serve a gigantic Breakfast!
picture Collapse of Pound sterling
Yesterday we were still sure: 1 £ correspond about 2.50 CHF. After a look at the note document this morning was clear: Overnight with 1.69 CHF the pound has lost more than 30% of his value! Now it travels to itself much more lighthearted, or?

On the way to Giant's Causeway
[14th June 2010-8:24am]

Newgrange (Sí an Bhrú)
[13th June 2010-11:11am]

Dublin to the first
[12th June 2010-12:07pm]
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