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Ireland '10

RoDaBo strike back!

Dublin - Zürich
[20th June 2010-2:25pm]

Hill of Tara - the «Rütli» of Ireland
[19th June 2010-12:39pm]

Almost doesn't count!
[18th June 2010-10:32am]

Grianán of Aileach
[17th June 2010-11:36am]

Old Bushmills Distillery
[16th June 2010-11:05am]
picture picture picture picture
The Old Midleton Distillery (N 55.201, W 6.519) was the first in 2005. Today with the Old Bushmills Distillery the visit an other one of three distilleries of the Irish Distillers Group is applied. Unfortunately, there are not pictures from the inside of the building. Taking photos is not permitted because of danger of explosion. Since here differently than with Midleton still whisky becomes a produced.
We renounce the whisky at the end of the guidance, then, nevertheless, eleven o'clock in the morning is early a little bit - and Dasti must bring us still certainly after Derry.
[16th June 2010-2:43pm]
picture picture picture picture
Derry (for the nationalists) or Londonderry (for the unionists) (N 54.995, W 7.307): it is covered and is raining over and over again. Rosche and Dasti are not motivated in this weather so properly for a raid by the younger history of Derry. A short walk above the city wall and a few looks at the Mural in Bogside must suffice, before this moistens most ardently expected Guinnes our throats.
Then it goes on Souvenier shopping. We get stuck in the Foyleside Shopping-Mall at a TV and pursue the last 20 minutes of the EM match Spain-Switzerland and enjoy 0:1! We get to know from the breaking the the getting out of hand festivities in «Züri5» just by our return.
picture Bushmills - Derry
From Bushmills on the A2 along to the coast via the Triangle (Portrush, Portstewart, Coleraine). In Coleraine cross the Bann and along the Lough Foyle to Derry.
picture Travelodge Derry
As in Dublin we have decided in Derry likewise on the Travelodge Hotelchain. Reasonably - 50 £ for all three of us, centrally and with multi-storey car park - 10 £. What homo turisticus wants more?

Giant's Causeway
[15th June 2010-11:55am]

On the way to Giant's Causeway
[14th June 2010-8:24am]

Newgrange (Sí an Bhrú)
[13th June 2010-11:11am]

Dublin to the first
[12th June 2010-12:07pm]
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